Students Share Their Thoughts on Pep Assemblies


Canton school has pep assemblies before home games, and some of the students like to have them. The pep assemblies are meant to boost the morale of the football team and to help them to be encouraged.

“I think it’s good to have them because it’s one thing that gets people pumped up for the games,” Braxton Thompson, Senior, said.

“I like them and it’s really fun. It’s just I don’t want to be picked to do the games,” Aaliyah Hough, freshman, said.

This week at Canton Public Schools, we will be having a pep assembly to talk about our football game. The football game is Pink Out in honor of those who are struggling with cancer.

Most of the football players enjoy the pep assemblies and think that they are useful. “The pep assemblies, from the perspective of a football player, are really nice because it helps us come back with the win,” Luke Foster, junior, said.