Are Teens Spending Too Much Time on Social Media?


Most teens spend more than six hours a week on social media apps such as TikTok and Snapchat. This wastes time better spent doing school work and studying.

When some teens get home, they go straight to social media instead of doing homework. Some even go through social media in the middle of class. 

“I’m on social media throughout school because school is boring,” Garrett Hough, sophomore, said.

In someone’s head, social media can produce a large amount of dopamine which is the chemical that controls desire. They get such a large amount of dopamine easily, making things like homework, which produces less dopamine, undesirable and boring. 

Teens are also easily influenced by things they see other people doing on social media. Teens will try to copy things that they see are popular like a trend called Devious Lick where the person is stealing from teachers or destroying things at school.

 “Honestly, I think devious licks are pretty dumb. Sometimes it’s funny, but when rules start to get made and we’re being monitored for doing them it’s gone too far.” Luke Foster, junior, said.

Some teenagers will also film themselves trashing stores or making people’s jobs difficult just to get internet popularity. If teens would stay off of social media as much they might stop doing destructive things.