Top Ten Thanksgiving Foods

Turkey to go: Where to get Thanksgiving dinner takeout on the south shore/ Dana Barbuto/

Thanksgiving is a popular holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. This holiday is about giving thanks and having a feast. Some of the most popular foods include:

  1. Pumpkin Pie- Pumpkin Pie is a favorite eaten year round and is made from a custard filling of pumpkin and other spices. Around 50 million pumpkin pies are consumed on Thanksgiving day alone.
  2. Turkey- Turkey may be the most iconic food when thinking about Thanksgiving, but it is still a popular food and a household favorite. Most people enjoy a nice oven roasted turkey and of course breaking the wishbone. 
  3. Ham- Yet another iconic and popular dish served on Thanksgiving, ham is served with many different glazes such as maple and honey.
  4. Mashed potatoes- Mashed potatoes are one of the best ways to eat potatoes and are commonly served on Thanksgiving day. Mashed potatoes are an easy and enjoyable Thanksgiving dish that most like.
  5. Stuffing- Stuffing is a famous Thanksgiving dish that is as simple as it comes. Stuffing is a mix between different herbs and spices along with bread or other starches and is commonly used to stuff meat while cooking.
  6. Green bean casserole- Green bean casserole is a simple dish commonly consisting of green beans, cream of mushroom, and fried french onions.
  7. Rolls- Many people enjoy a nice roll to go along with their Thanksgiving meal. This small bread ball is enjoyed by most at any time of year.
  8. Pecan Pie- Pecan pie is an intensely sweet mix of sugar, spices, and pecans that is enjoyed by many. It is so popular around here that it is even Oklahoma’s state dessert.
  9. Turkey Gravy- Turkey gravy is eaten combined with most Thanksgiving foods and is an easy way to make the Thanksgiving meal taste better.
  10.  Sweet Potato Casserole- Sweet potato casserole is a popular dish made from a mix of sweet potatoes and other sweetening ingredients. The whole thing is then baked with a top layer of marshmallows. What’s not to like?

Though Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and being with friends and family, the best part is the meal.