Top 5 Things to Do Before Christmas

  • Decorate Everything 

As soon as Thanksgiving is over people need to go straight to Christmas. They should make the house look pretty with lights,  decorate the tree, and even decorate their room. Christmas is a holiday where I can basically decorate anything in my house. 

  • Binge-watch Christmas movies 

I like to watch Christmas movies to get into the holiday spirit, so I think watching Christmas movies all month is the best thing to do. 

  • Listen to the Best Christmas Music

What is Christmas without Christmas music? There are so many songs out there that celebrate Christmas, so why not try to listen to them all. Make a playlist of all the Christmas songs that are available and listen to them. 

  • Go Christmas shopping for the Loved Ones

Since of course, it’s Christmas, it would be best to find all of the gifts that a loved one might like. I like to find gifts for my mother or grandma and maybe even my friends if I have money. 

  • Make a Christmas List 

How is someone going to figure out what a person likes if they don’t write a Christmas list? Since my grandma has no clue what to get me for Christmas I like to write a list of what she could possibly get. Making a list could be a great help to someone who doesn’t know what people like.