Semester Tests are this Week


Semester tests have always been quite annoying for the teachers and especially the students. This year the school is doing them a little differently to make lives easier.

Semester Test Schedule for Thursday and Friday


First hour- 8:15-9:30

Second hour-9:35-10:50

Third hour-10:55- 12:10

Lunch- 12:10- 12:53

Fourth hour- 12:58- 2:13

Fifth hour- 2:18- 3:33


Sixth hour- 8:15-9:30

Seventh hour-9:35-10:50

Eighth hour- 10:55-12:10

Lunch- 12:10-12:58

Buses run after lunch.

The class periods are one hour and fifteen minutes. 

The rules for the two days are that if a student has to take one test, he/she only has to be here for that hour. 

If a student has to take multiple tests but the tests are not one after another, the student can either go to the gym during free time or go home and be brought back for the test.