Canton Ag Barn Undergoes Repairs after Fire


November 19, 2021, Canton’s Ag Barn caught fire on the east side where hay and show heifers were being kept. During the flash fire, all of the hay was destroyed and had to be taken out along with the cedar fiber that was used as bedding. All that was left when they drug it out with a skid-steer, was dirt and soot. 

The inside of the cattle barn was also slightly burned and the cedar fiber was taken out so that they could pour concrete. Once the concrete is finished they are planning on bringing in a truckload of cedar fiber to replace what was destroyed. 

Some of the hay that was lost has been replaced along with brand new blowers, new front panels for stalls, and new banners are also being made to replace the ones that were melted in the fire. The Canton FFA cattle trailer is also being repaired for burned wires since it was parked next to the barn during the blaze. 

“The barn repairs should be done by Local Show but there is a lot to do. The part of the barn where they are laying the concrete might not be finished by then but we do have a  month to get it done,” Mrs. Woods, horticulture teacher, said. 

On the 5th of February, Canton FFA and 4H will be hosting their annual Local Livestock show and it is unclear if the barn will be fully repaired by that time.