Canton Participates in Powerlifting Regionals


March 3 Canton’s high school powerlifting team went to the Woodward fairgrounds for the regional powerlifting meet. The team consisited of 11 lifters: Brandon Day, Joshua Postelwait, Landon Vowell, Nick Sullins, Coltin Smith, Will Blood, Hayden Thompson, Clayton Arrington, Peyton Castillo, Eric Evans, Jacob Rutz. The coaches are  David Smith and Matt Schieffer.

Senior Brandon Day qualified for the state powerlifting tournament.

¨There was obviously room for improvement but I still feel really good about how we performed for the year, if you look at the whole year we saw  a 18% increase in every one’s lifts,” Schieffer said.

 The event was split into two sections, large schools and small schools. Canton was part of the small schools. Each lifter gets three lifts on each type of lift. The types of lifts are deadlift, bench, and squat.  Every lifter gets weighed so they know what weight class they are  in.

 After weigh ins, the meet starts and the first lift is the squat. After everyone squats all three times, the meet will move on to bench then the  deadlift. 

When lifting the order goes by which lifter is lifting the least amount of weight. The person lifting the most will go last. Lifters all do one lift then it rotates to the next person. 

¨We need to just work and get better for next year,¨ Josh Postelwait, freshman, said.