Big Win for Elementary Track

On March 28, the Canton Elementary track team traveled to Covington Douglas to participate in a track meet.

Overall the girls’ track team placed 1st in the track meet. Twenty-four teams participated in the track meet. Aubrey Cheney, Amiyah Littlejohn, Jadine Cherveake, and Alyse Whiteman won first in the 400-meter relay, fourth in the 800-meter relay, and first in the 1600 meter relay.

Alexus Meat placed second in the 400-meter dash. Kassidee Pope placed third in the 1600 meter run, while Marci Kopf placed fourth. Alexus Meat placed sixth in the 200-meter dash. Imiyah Littlejohn placed third in the 100-meter hurdles, and Aubrey Cheney placed fourth. Sariah Vargas placed third in the long jump and Blair Dowell placed fourth. Sariah Vargas also placed second in the high jump.

The elementary boys’ track team placed third overall in the track meet. Hayden Thompson, J.J. Ibarra, J.P. Pullen, and Luke Swartwood placed third in the 400-meter relay. J.P. Pullen, J.J. Ibarra, Luke Swartwood, and Cody Hooten placed second in the 800-meter relay.

J.P. Pullen won third in the 100-meter dash, while Luke Swartwood placed fourth. Cody Hooten placed fifth in the 400-meter dash, third in the 100-meter hurdles, and second in high jump. Luke Swartwood placed second in the long jump, and J.J. Ibarra placed sixth in discus.