Tigers Medal at Covington-Douglas

On Monday, April 23, the Canton High School track team traveled to Covington-Douglas to participate in the last track meet before regionals. The junior high team also traveled to Covington-Douglas to participate in the track meet.

This meet was not the best track meet for the junior high. Johnnie Burton won a medal in the high jump and discus. He was the only person that medaled in the junior high.

The high school team did a better than the junior high. The girls’ relay team won two medals, they placed fifth in the 400 meter, and fourth in the 800-meter relay. LaShayla Green, Keely Green, Arianna Green, and Gabby Martin were the four girls in the relays. LaShayla Green also placed third in the 100-meter dash and 200-meter dash. Keely Green placed fifth in the 100-meter dash. Taylor Dowell placed fourth in the high jump while Gabby Martin placed fifth. The boys did not medal in this track meet.

The high school team will participate in regionals on Saturday, April 28, in Cherokee.