Tigers Win First Game Of The Season


On Thursday, August 29, the Tigers started off their football season by playing against Mountain View. 

After warming up on the field, the Tigers headed into the weight room to get prepared to take the field. Mountain View kicked the ball off to start the game.  

The Tigers started off with a push down the field and turned their push into a touchdown. The Tigers managed to hold their ground and stopped Mountain View from scoring a touchdown. Both teams fought to keep each other from scoring, but the Tigers managed to put the ball in the end zone one more time in the first quarter. 

After fighting their way down the field, the Tigers finally managed to make a touchdown in the second quarter. Despite their best efforts, Mountain View was unable to score in the second quarter. 

To start the third quarter, Mountain View returned their kick for a touchdown, but the Tigers answered that with a touchdown of their own. The Tigers were unable to score again in the third quarter.

Mountain View started off the fourth quarter with a touchdown. After making a drive down the field the Tigers punched the ball into the end zone. No other points were made during the fourth quarter. 

The score at the end of the game was Canton 38 and Mountain View 24. After the game was over, both teams gathered into the middle of the field to pray.