CHS Football Readies for Season Opener

The 22-23 Canton high school football team has 23 players, 3 managers, 5 ball boys, and 3 coaches. 

“We’re going to win every game we want to. It’s up to the guys to decide which ones those will be,” Coach Shieffer, assistant coach, said.  

 The players are freshmen Josh Postelwait,  Brody Houk, and Landon Vowell. Sophomores are Clayton Arrington, Joseph Sutton, Peyton Castillo, Kyler Rhodes, Nick Sullins, J.J. Ibarra, Jesse Cantrell, and Coltin Smith. Juniors are Cody Hooten, Eric Evans, Hayden Thompson, Dean Hunt, and Luke Swartwood. Seniors are Connor Cox, Brandon Day, William McIntosh, Hudsen Scott, Will Blood, and Jacob Rutz. 

The football team is working very hard and getting ready for the season. 

“I think as long as everyone stays healthy and works together it will go great,” Hudsen Scott, wide receiver and corner, said.