Class of 2023 Coming to an End

There is less than three months until I graduate from this high school. There are times that I would mostly complain about being tired of this school, but it has given me so many memorable moments. I am excited and saddened by the thought of graduating, because I feel like I shouldn’t be a senior yet. On the other hand, that could be from the pandemic effect. 

This second semester has gone by so fast for me. I’ve been so busy in my life that everything is going really fast before I can comprehend what’s going on. It’s just I’m not expecting to graduate just yet because obviously I can’t believe I’m a senior, and I’m just not ready to face the reality of this world. A routine change is something that bothers me, and leaving high school would affect it a lot in many ways. 

After I graduate though, I am going to be glad for not waking up as early in the morning, because I hate waking up so early or just sitting around in a classroom for almost an hour. There are some class subjects that I think are doing too much (math) and I would use simple knowledge for my daily life after high school. I am going to miss some things at this school like seeing my classmates or teachers that I have. Although it pains me, I need to get ready to continue my journey of my life after high school.