My Spring Break Plans

I am excited for this upcoming week because it’s going to be spring break, and I don’t have to wake up as early. I am hoping this spring break that I will be able to get some well needed rest. I’ve been drained from school activities and work because I want to come back from break well-rested or at least in a better mood than I’ve been in the past  month. 

Another thing that I want to do is some cleaning to my room because it has become a small mess since the last time I cleaned, which was before New Year’s. I have faith that I could make some progress if I clean because I would like to see a clean room without piles all over my room. I used to have a routine of doing things, but that was disrupted by random naps or being lazy after coming home from school.

Besides residing in my cave that I call my room, I would probably want to hangout with my friends because I want to spend time with them and not my cats. I don’t know what we would do, probably just sit there in silence, but I want to spend time with them because I think it would be fun to see each other rather than at school. If we decide to do anything besides sitting together, I think I would have a great time because I’m out of the house doing something with people rather than being in my room watching my tv or watching TikTok on my phone. 

Honestly, I would be really glad to be out of my house with or without friends and be away from my cats. The two cats I have are so needy that they’re almost like toddlers but without the sticky fingers.