TV Shows That Were Most Popular the Years We Were Born


TV shows have been on our screens for decades, but in more recent years, 2001-2007 more specifically, there have been some pretty iconic series. Surprisingly, not everybody knows these shows that were popular the year they were born. 

2001 – Fairly OddParents – Timmy Turner, a ten-year-old boy, has a rough life. Parents who are completely clueless and a wicked babysitter make his life terrible, but his fairy godparents, who grant his every wish, make his life a little easier. 

“My favorite memory of the show is probably when Cosmo got pregnant with their kid,” Ally Nix, senior, said.

“That show was on crack. Basically a loser kid imagined that he had fairy godparents who granted him wishes,” Zane Foster, senior, said.

2002 – Friends – Three men and three women who are all BFFs living in NYC are always finding themselves in hilarious situations, usually caused by their attempt at relationships. 

“I’ve never seen Friends, but I know that it’s about a bunch of friends that are living in the city together and their lives are crazy,” Taylor Dowell, junior, said.

“I’ve seen some episodes, but I know it’s about like a big friend group that is kinda’….uhh different. Monica is kind of like an insane freak to me, and then Rachel, she’s uhhh OUT there, let me tell ya. Then, Ross, he’s kind of ehh, emotionally unstable. Pheobe, Pheobe, she’s my favorite. She’s the fun one, the outgoing one. She’s not all there, but she’s there, kinda. Joey, oh, Joey’s just hot. Chandler has a dad-bod.” Kalissa Wile, senior, said.

2003 – That’s So Raven – Raven Baxter can see glimpses of the future and uses her schemes and misadventures to try and change small outcomes with the help of her friends. 

“My favorite episode was the one where she had to dress up like one of the cooks in this like pasta restaurant, and she ended up in the back in this dumpster or something with pasta all over her,” Alicia Luna, junior, said. 

2004 – Drake and Josh – Drake and Josh couldn’t be more different, and now that they’re step-brothers, they’ll have to get used to each other. With all of their misadventures, they find themselves getting in all kinds of trouble while learning to love each other. 

“My favorite thing I remember about the show was when they were shoving those sushi things in their mouths and they were hiding and throwing them because they couldn’t package them fast enough,” Lea Vowell, freshman, said. 

“My favorite memory of the show was when they went to this tropical island and they got stuck there,” Luke Foster, freshman, said.

2005 – The Office – Set in the Dunder-Mifflin paper company, the show follows the company’s staff and the workdays in a mockumentary style.

“Ummm. He (Michael) screams at everyone,” Kylie Carrasco, eighth-grader, said.

“I’ve never seen the show,” Hailey Sutton, eighth-grader, said.

2006 – Hannah Montana – Miley Stewart lives a double life as Hannah Montana, singing superstar. Almost everyone at her school just knows her as Miley and has no clue of her secret life.

“I’m watching it right now……on Disney +. Hannah, well Miley, has to deal with both parts of her life. Like the famous part and her normal teenager part,” Alexa Delgado, eighth-grader, said.

“Ummm. It’s about Hannah trying to live as a normal teenager and as a celebrity,” McKayla Howerton, eighth-grader, said.

2007 – iCarly – Carly Shay gets her life turned upside down because of her web-show “iCarly.” She’s typically joined by Sam and Freddie, her two friends, and her brother Spencer.

“My favorite memory of the show is just Gibby. Everything he did was hilarious,” Imaya Littlejohn, seventh-grader, said.

“Sam beating everyone with her butter-sock was is my favorite memory of the show,” Nicolas Sullins, seventh-grader, said.

With streaming services today, students of all ages can turn back time and enjoy the shows that were most popular the year they were born.