Life Through The Eyes of a Seventh Grader


Seventh grader Bella Swartwood does math homework.

Seventh graders are new to the high school building this year, and not everyone knows what it feels like to be new to the high school. Some seventh graders think that it is okay in the new building while others absolutely dislike the idea of being in the high school building.

“Being in the new building is nice because we have many different teachers. Since we have so many teachers that means we can have different perspectives on their opinions

and ideas. I also think that it can be more flexible with our schedules because we can change our electives and classes,” Brooklyn Green, seventh grader, said.

With a whole bunch of assignments and no recess, the seventh graders could be in a little bit of a twist. Not only do seventh graders have to deal with other issues, but they also have to adapt to their new school routine.

“I think being in the new building is stressful. I think that all the pressure of being late and absent is on your shoulders 24/7. I also think that being a 7th grader is really cool because you get all of these diffrent teachers and you get to meet new people,” Kinlee Hawk, seventh grader, said.

Everybody has been a seventh grader once in their lives. Everyone made it through seventh grade, even though some people got through it more smoothly than others.