10 Netflix Movies You Probably Missed


1. “The Devil All the Time”

“The Devil All the Time” is a life story about a young man named Arvin Russel and his trying to protect all the people whom he loves. Three of my favorite actors made this movie even better. Tom Holland, Bill skarsgård, and Sebastian Stan were absolutely amazing and made the movie seem real. It was filmed by Netflix and most Netflix movies don’t get the credit they deserve.

2. “The Theory of Everything”

Most people know who Steven Hawking is but don’t know his story. “The Theory of Everything” is about Stephen Hawking’s home life and how his wife dealt with his rare disease. It has another one of my favorite actors, Eddie Redmayne. He absolutely crushed the part and was an amazing Hawking. The movie is about three hours long and it is pretty slow and it takes a lot of effort to stick with it and watch the whole movie. 

3. “War Horse”

Staged in World War I, “War Horse” is about a young horse’s experience in war and his journey back home. I can understand why it’s underrated, most people probably aren’t interested in a horse in war. I really liked it because I never knew if the horse was going to make it home or see his owner again.

4. “The Love Guru” 

Maurice Pitka was born in America but raised in India. Pitka is known as the second-best love guru and is hired to help a hockey player get back with his ex so he can win the Stanley Cup. The movie has a lot of very crude and raunchy humor. I found it great because I find a lot of things funny, but I  definitely wouldn’t suggest it to people who can’t take a joke. 

5. “A Knight’s Tale”

William Thatcher was born into a peasant family. Thatcher decides he wants to try his luck and enter a jousting tournament to try and win the heart of fair maiden. The movie is somewhat of a serious comedy and has several funny scenes. It also has a decent amount of drama and is action-packed.

6. “Kangaroo Jack”

“Kangaroo Jack” is a comedy set in Australia. Two childhood friends are forced to deliver mob money to Australia. After hitting a kangaroo one friend puts his jacket on the kangaroo to take a picture. The kangaroo wakes up during the picture and hops off with the jacket, which had all the mob money in it. A lot of people might not find the jokes funny, but it’s still worth the watch. 

7. “The Ridiculous 6”

The “Ridiculous 6” is basically a rip off of “Magnificent Seven” but it is a comedy. It’s basically one of those movies that is so stupid that it is funny. It’s western comedy about an orphan who was raised by Indians. He later finds out he has five half brothers and with their help, he sets out to find their father. Once again If someone can’t take jokes, they should not watch it. 

8. “Real Steel”

After losing several fights a struggling fighter teams up with his son to convert an old robot into a World Robot Boxing contender. The movie is pretty slow in the beginning but further in the movie it gets pretty interesting. It took me a while to get into it but if once I paid more attention, I understood what was going on. 

9. “Spaceballs”

Based on “Star Wars”, “Spaceballs” is a sci-fi movie but way more of a comedy. The main antagonist Dark Helmet tries to kidnap Princess Vespa and steal her planet’s air. It’s another movie where it’s so stupid that you can’t help but laugh. I personally like it better than “Star Wars”.

10. “Clash of the Titans”

Perseus bands together an army together in a final effort to save his family. The movie is rather violent but it kind of should be expected since it’s in the Roman times. It’s definitely more of a serious movie and not much of a comedy. People probably don’t like it since it is rather slow but then later progresses.