Crime Junkie: A True Crime Podcast You Can Listen To With Your Mom

Crime Junkie is a true-crime podcast hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat. Every Monday Ashley and Brit record new audio and post it to their channel. This podcast is produced in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Ashley and Brit talk about stories that are true events that have happened around the U.S. This is probably my favorite podcast to listen to because I like watching and listening to murder mysteries. I don’t consider myself a weirdo, but I would rather listen to a murderer killing people than what kind of makeup I need to buy.

 My favorite episode is the one about the Oklahoma Girl Scouts murders. This is about these young girls, between the ages of 8-10, going to a summer camp. Three of the girls end up going missing, but the camp covers everything up. 

My mom and I listen to their podcast together, usually when we go on a road trip or just going up to the store. The first one I listened to was the Oklahoma Girl Scouts. I did not think I was going to like listening to people talk, but I actually really liked it. The episode about the Girl Scouts kind of frightened me because I like going to summer camp and hanging out with my friends. 

The length of the episodes is not really long. Ashley and Brit make sure that they cover everything so the episode length varies on what kind of story they are talking about. One story is one episode each. So every episode is different and they talk about many different cases.  They also include everything that happened plus evidence that other people found.