Stranger Things is Worth a Rewatch

Stranger Things is a great show to watch. The show is amazing, it’s funny, gory, and scary. The characters are what makes this show really good. Each character is different in their own ways. The show was great from start to end. 

The Stranger Things story is great. It was very suspenseful full and really fun to watch unfold. The story flowed very well even when it seemed like nothing was happening. The antagonist was great, it was a nice balance between the mysterious creator and the bad humans. The protagonists were even better, all of the characters, especially the kids, were great. 

The story takes place in the 1980s and it is about four kids who were hanging out playing games and when the kids had to go home they rode their bikes to their houses one of the kids, Will Byers, was abducted by an interdimensional creator. The mother of Will, Joice Byers, goes on a crazy conspiracy theory about where her son is and the town cop Jim Hopper tries to find any clues that may help him find Will. While the adults are looking for Will, the rest of his friends, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, go out to look for him. While they are looking for Will the kids find a mysterious girl who has superpowers and she may have clues to help the kids find Will. 

This show can be compared to, Stand By Me, E.T., and The Goonies. Kids go on a crazy exciting adventure to find their friend. This show is great for people who like horror, mystery, and gory shows or movies. The show has a lot of comedy and action too. The Stranger Things is a fun watch and there are three seasons of it on Netflix so there is plenty to watch.