Tigers Play Last Game of the Season

Seniors Jake Sinclair and Seth Bromlow block on defense in the 3rd quarter.

On Friday, November 13, the Tigers traveled to Okeene to play their first game of the playoffs. 

The Tigers received the ball to start the game. The Tigers drove the ball down the field, but Okeene was able to shut them down. Okeene pushed the ball down the field after stopping the Tigers, but their offense was shut down by the Tiger’s defense. Neither team was able to score during the first quarter. 

Okeene started off the second quarter with a touchdown. The Tigers had a short drive, but Okeene stopped their drive. After stopping the Tiger’s drive, Okeene ran the ball down the field and made a touchdown. Okeene scored one more touchdown before the quarter was over. 

Okeene received the kickoff to start the third quarter, but they were not able to score. Both teams drove the ball down the field but were eventually forced to turn the ball over. Okeene managed to score once before the quarter was over. 

Both teams were unable to score any points during the fourth quarter. The score at the end of the game was Canton 0 and Okeene 28.