FFA Officers and Their Duties

As the year is coming to an end the Canton FFA Chapter is voting on their chapter officers for next year. The offices available are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Sentinel, Chaplin, Parliamentarian, and Historian. The students running for office are Marci Kopf, Blair Dowell, Emma Hoffman, Nick Sullins, Jacqlyn Grigsby, Eric Evans, Maggie Clark, Kasidee Pope, Hayden Thompson and Landon Vowell.

This year’s president candidates are Marci Kopf and Blair Dowell. This specific office requires students to have held office at least once prior. The president is head of the officer team and makes most of the executive decisions. The president is also in charge of setting up all the events for their chapter, and they will represent that school at any away event that the Canton chapter attends. 

Canton’s vice-president candidates are Emma Hoffman and Nick Sullins.The requirements for this specific position are as that students must be punctual and willing to attend all meetings. Vice-President makes sure that all officers know why they are stationed where and helps keep the meetings in order. So in short the vice-president is responsible for the program’s activities. 

Another student seeking office is Jacqlyn Grigsby who is running for chaplin. The chaplin is in charge of keeping their chapter in touch with their spiritual connection with God. By doing this the chaplin keeps the other officers in the right direction by reminding them that God is always with them, and helping them to keep their connection with him. 

The treasurer candidate for the 2023-24 chapter officers is Eric Evans. The treasurer requires the candidate to keep track of the income for Canton FFA. They are in charge of what the chapter spends and approves all expenses, on top of keeping receipts in order to know how much the chapter has spent. 

Kasidee Pope is the standing candidate for reporter. The duties of a reporter are to inform local newspapers and magazines about the activities that the FFA chapter is involved with. On top of this their duty is to take pictures of all the chapter members and the events the chapter attend/hosts. 

Freshmen Landon Vowell, Hayden Thompson and Maggie Clark have decided to run for sentinel. The sentinel requires the member to greet everyone coming into Canton chapter events, and removes people if removal is needed, but most importantly their duty is to keep the room comfortable for everyone.