Prom Trends – So Many To Choose From

With prom coming up soon, girls are stuck wondering what they should wear and what are the prom trends. Every girl wants to be unique and stand out, but there are so many trends to choose from. Here are all the prom 2023 trends. 


Feathers are back in style and they are amazing. People can expect feathers on the shoulders and on the slit. There are dangers of wearing feathered dresses like the feathers falling off causing everyone to be picking up feathers at the end of the night. 

Y2K Sequin 

Sequin dresses are the move now. Everybody wants a nice sparkly sequin prom dress. The 90s sequin dresses are coming back, and so are a lot of 90s trends. Tons of the celebs on the red carpet are rocking the sequin look. 


Satin dresses are super hot right now, especially combined with the “clean girl look.” With a satin dress, hair slicked back into a bun, and minimal make up, is the perfect prom look. The right satin dresses make girls look really good. A good satin dress will work for anything and everything. 


Sneakers with dresses are coming in, and it’s so smart. Wearing heels makes no sense because girls are just going to take them off before dancing and put on sandals or sneakers, so why not just wear sneakers already? The Nike Blazers are a popular choice.