FCCLA Members Attend 77th Annual State Convention

On Thursday April 7th Canton FCCLA members traveled to Oklahoma City for the State Convention. While members attended state convention they got to listen to Guest Speaker Nick “Sunshine” Tokman, attend workshops, and meet other Oklahoma FCCLA members.

“I enjoyed this years FCCLA state convention because part of Nick’s speech hit home and the good photo opportunities I see here,” Carlie Smith, senior FCCLA member, said.

Nick Tokman is a professional youth speaker who is building self-worth in students to help them make better decisions and he plans to help students learn to think for themselves. Tokman is also on the Emmy Winning Show Deadliest Catch, where he gets to go crab fishing and entertain over one million viewers every week. 

“Yes, because I am excited to meet new people and be offered more opportunities.”, Brooklyn Green, FCCLA member, said.

Following the convention FCCLA members went to Main Event where the students got to spend quality time with their fellow FCCLA members.