Canton V. Shattuck

On Thursday, November 7, the Tigers played their last game of the season. They played their last game against Shattuck. Shattuck kicked the ball off to start the game. 

The Tigers drove the ball down the field, but they were not able to make a touchdown. Shattuck took the turnover and turned it into a touchdown. Shattuck stopped any attempt the Tigers had at scoring a touchdown through the first half. While stopping the Tigers from scoring, Shattuck managed to put the ball into the endzone a few times. 

The Tigers finally managed to punch the ball into the endzone at the end of the third quarter.

During the fourth quarter, the Tigers kept Shattuck out of the endzone and managed to score a few touchdowns of their own. 

The score at the end of the game was Canton 19 and Shattuck 38.