Tigers Leave Dusters in the Dust


Friday, September 10, the Tigers traveled to Beaver to play their third game of the season.

To start the game, Beaver kicked off. Luke Swartwood retrieved the kick and ran to the other end to make a touchdown within the first few seconds of the game. During the rest of the quarter, the Tigers managed to make three more touchdowns and kept Beaver’s offense from scoring. 

Seven minutes into the second quarter, the Tigers made yet another touchdown, following with a second touchdown a few minutes later. Right at the end of the quarter Beaver’s offense managed to score their first touchdown of the game.

During the third quarter, the Tigers scored two more touchdowns, ending the game. The final score of the game was Beaver 8 and Canton 57.

The Tigers play next week on Friday, September 24, here against the Ringwood Red Devils. This game will also be Canton’s Homecoming game.