Tigers Blowout Beaver

On Friday, September 11, the Tigers played their third game of the year against Beaver. 

The Tigers kicked the ball off to Beaver to start the game. Beaver drove the ball down into the red zone, but they fumbled the ball. Jacob Rutz, the nose guard, recovered the fumble and ran a 90-yard touchdown. The Tigers made one more touchdown in the first quarter. Beaver was not able to put the ball into the endzone during the first quarter. 

Beaver tried to find a way to score a touchdown, but everything they tried the Tigers shut down. The Tigers managed to get a scoop-and-score and another touchdown during the quarter. After driving the ball to the 10-yard line, the Tigers kicked their first field goal of the season, adding three points to their score. 

The Tigers started out the third quarter by receiving the ball. They drove the ball down the field and punched it into the endzone. After scoring, they managed to shut Beaver’s offense down. The Tigers scored after getting the ball back. After that score, the game was over, because the Tigers had 45’d Beaver.

The score at the end of the game was Canton 49 and Beaver 0.