Tigers Play Last District Game

On Friday, November 6, the Tigers played their last district game of the season against Balko. 

The Tigers kicked the ball off to start the game. The Tigers caught Balko off-guard by kicking an onside kick. The Tigers recovered the onside kick but were unable to have a scoring drive. After shutting down the Tiger’s offense, Balko was able to drive the ball down the field and score. Balko was able to stop the Tiger’s drive once again and take the ball over. They scored again on their offensive drive. During the end of the first quarter, the Tigers managed to punch the ball into the endzone. 

Balko started off the second quarter with a scoring drive. The Tigers retaliated with a touchdown of their own. After the Tigers scored, both teams battled back and forth with the ball. Eventually, Balko was able to score one last time before the quarter was over.

The Tigers started out the third quarter with an offensive drive. The Tigers offense was unable to score. Balko scored within a few minutes of having the ball. The Tigers were not able to score during the third quarter. 

The Tigers managed to score one last time during the fourth quarter. Balko also managed to make one more touchdown before time ran out. The score at the end of the game was Canton 22 and Balko 50.

The Tigers will be playing their first game of the playoffs on Friday, November 13, At Okeene.