Buying Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Buying gifts for everyone can be hard and can be even harder when there is a tight budget. Why spend a lot of money on a person you don’t even like? Everyone knows you’re just trying to get on her good side. Here are some easy gift ideas that won’t break the bank. (All of these items can be found at the local Dollar General.)

$5 and under

  1. Chapstick- It is sold in packs of 5 or individually. 
  2. A back scratcher- It is a perfect gift for your least favorite cousin.  
  3. A Pumping Pedi Kit- It comes with lotion and fuzzy socks, whose mom wouldn’t love that? 
  4.  Nose, Ear, & Brow Wahl Trimmer-  Let’s be honest whose dad doesn’t need this?
  5.  Makeup kits- This is a way to tell a friend to start wearing it. 

$10 and under 

  1.  Body wash kits- This is for the not so pleasant smelling side of the family. 
  2.  Face mask- When you have that friend that you just aren’t sure what they are into, a face mask is the way to go.
  3.  Mickey Mouse mini crockpot – This is great for that Disney loving aunt.
  4.  1.5-ounce Toastmaster slow cooker-  Perfect for when Mom is making you your own soup when you are sick.
  5. Gingerbread house/ village- It will keep the younger cousins busy for hours. 

$20 and under

  1.  Legos- I know $20 for Legos seems a bit ridiculous, but everyone loves Legos. 
  2.  Comfort Bay Plush Sherpa Throw- Everyone needs another blanket
  3.  Steam Mall $20 Gift Card- This is for that brother who never comes out of his room, but is always yelling at his X-Box.
  4. Conair 1in Ceramic Straightener- A great gift for that one friend who always asks to use your straightener but never has her own.
  5. Blue Hat Radio Control Off-Road Explorer- This gift will help the most mature teen rediscover his inner child.