Coffee Has Health Benefits

Not many people know that coffee has an ever-expanding list of health benefits including helping energy levels, giving lots of vitamins, and decreasing the risk of dementia. Though those are some of the main health benefits, that is not all. 

 “I drink coffee because I love the taste & it helps get me going in the morning. One of the health benefits that I heard of is that it gives you energy. It also contains vitamins B2, B3, & B5, & potassium & magnesium,” Raelene Castillio, a coffee drinker, said.

Coffee also can help people get up in the morning and help keep them active throughout the day, which is why many adults decide to drink coffee whenever they first get up.

“I drink coffee because I am old. I have heard it increases reaction time and brain activity.  Based on my own daily experience, I would say that’s true lol,” Sarah Keefer, science teacher, said.

According to Healthline there are so many other health benefits of coffee such as drinking coffee can help people burn belly fat, improving physical performance, and it can even lower the risk of type two diabetes. Many non-coffee drinkers don’t know about the health benefits of coffee and refuse to drink it because of the smell or taste.

I occasionally do see something on the news about coffee, but I do not pay attention since I don’t drink it,” Barbara Schiska, non-coffee drinker, said.

Coffee can be good for people’s health and no doubt helps keep everyone awake during the day.

 Many people add sugar and creamer to their coffee because they do not like the taste or smell of black coffee. This may cancel out some of the positive effects of coffee, but not all, it can still contain vitamins and help with certain medical issues.

I drink coffee occasionally. I do not drink it that often because I really do not like the taste of coffee. When I drink coffee, I add a lot of cream and sugar to make it taste better so the positive health benefits coffee can have are probably outweighed by the additional fat and sugar I added,” Ashlea Dowell, a semi-coffee drinker, said.

People who don’t drink coffee tend to not know the health benefits because they just don’t ever drink coffee. People who also do not drink coffee tend to stick to the old beliefs of how it can harm a person’s health because they don’t know about all the positive effects.