Second Semester Crazies Have Arrived


Photo illustration of a fight by Karington Hawk and Bree Simon.

As we all know it is the second semester of the school year, which means many things: the year’s end, sports slow down, and field trips. The second semester also means “second-semester crazies”.

Apparently once the school year hits January, everyone decides to go crazy. What I mean by this is students start breaking the rules like crazy. I suppose they just have all of this rage or guts pent up, and once it hits the second semester it just gets released all over the school and everyone in it. .  

Every year as May draws closer, fights break out like every other week it seems, and students are yelling at peers and even teachers. Some students are just walking out of the building. I guess some students have decided that they are fed up with rules, and they want to break them all. Even things like dress code or the phone rules are being broken.

Not only is this hard on the faculty, but it is also hard on other students because we get punished for the actions of a few. 

Students need a reminder that there are only three more Mondays until school is out and after that, go crazy, but for the love of God follow the rules and be respectful until then.