Chaos Takes Over Canton High School


With only weeks left of school, I am very excited, to say the least. I am thinking only 20 days left. How is that even possible? 

Reality hit me when I saw the school calendar. I remember thinking, am I going to be at school this week? The answer was yes, one day. Every year I seem to forget the most busy time of the year is the last stretch. Students are gone to track meets, teachers try to squeeze in class trips, and everything is wild. 

This week Monday will be the only day that I am here for the full day. Most teachers also struggle to find time to give classwork to students, it seems like every day at least five people are gone. Right now, I am doing my work over the weekend because I know I will not have enough time to do it any other time. I am not complaining because I love getting out of school, but sometimes I feel like what is even the point of coming to school if I am not going to do anything? 

I do like coming to school and seeing my friends, but it is not that fun when it is just me and one other person in a class. I do like not having to do that much work, but sometimes I think of skipping. I think who would even notice? Honestly, maybe only one teacher. Everything is so hectic lately. 

Honestly, everything going on has just been so stressful, and it is hard to enjoy my week. I have been staying up super late just laying in bed thinking of all the things I have to do at school, and it gives me headaches. I think this week and every week until school is out will be very stressful for me. I want to do so many things, but it seems like I have no time.