A Whole New World to Explore


I’ve been playing Genshin since it was released. The developers have added so much content since then. After the first five minutes of playing the game, I was immediately addicted. 

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open world adventure RPG that was made by MihoYo. It’s available on PC, PS4, PS5, and on mobile. It has cross play compatibility between all the systems, which is a good way to play with friends who are on different systems.

Genshin Impact is a really beautiful game that also has a big open world that everyone can explore. It allows people to glide, climb, swim, and fight through everything they come across. 

There are seven different regions to explore which gives a huge amount of content for everyone to enjoy. There’s a long main story, puzzles, events, plenty of quests, and tons of bosses to fight. There’s plenty more to come as it gets more updates and it makes it an absolute blast to play even after 100 hours. 

Everyone can have a team of four characters that are earned throughout the story, or through wishes which gives everyone a chance to roll for a character or items. There are many beautifully designed characters and all of them have their own abilities and fighting styles which gives everyone new ways to interact with the world. 

The game is really fun overall and it’s thrilling to be able to do so many things and not get bored.