Thanksgiving Is Out and Christmas Is In

Halloween is officially over and people are excited for Christmas. Some people are upset that people are already celebrating Christmas because Thanksgiving is next after Halloween and not Christmas. On the other hand, other people are celebrating Christmas like it is right around the corner.

“Christmas does not start until Thanksgiving is over,” Mr. Barney, English teacher, said.

Stores are already putting up Christmas decorations on the shelves and people are buying toys, so they do not have to rush to beat everyone to a certain toy. Even Christmas songs are starting to be popular on radio stations again.

“I am not a big fan of Christmas. People always sing songs and drink hot cocoa. I like winter because it’s cold, snow is everywhere, and finally when I finally get gifts which is my favorite part,” Bailey Hooten, seventh-grader, said.

Everyone has their different opinion on Christmas whether it is about celebrating Christmas right after Halloween or when Thanksgiving has ended.

“I think it is wrong of people to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving,” Cole Bickerstaff, seventh-grader, said.