Tigers Fall to Bearcats


Tuesday, January 4, the Canton Tigers played the Mooreland Bearcats for their tenth game of the season. 

To start the game the Tigers lost the jump and began playing defense. The Bearcat’s offense scored a total of 15 points throughout the quarter whereas the Tigers scored 2.

During the second quarter, the Bearcats scored another 15 points and the Tigers added 8 points to their score. The end score at halftime was Tigers 10 and Bearcats 30.

Throughout the third quarter, the Bearcats scored 13 more points with the Tigers right behind them with 12 of their own. 

In the last quarter of the game, the Bearcat’s offense ended by adding 16 more points to the board and the Tigers adding 11. The final score of the game was Tigers 33 and Bearcats 59.