Tigers Lose to Watonga


Tuesday, December 7, the Canton Tigers played Watonga Eagles for their fourth game of the season. 

The Tigers lost the jump at the start of the game and began the game on defense. The Eagles’  offense was able to score 9 points during the first quarter whereas the Tigers had 4 of their own.

Throughout the second quarter, both teams added 11 points to the scoreboard, bringing the score at halftime to Tigers 15 and Eagles 20.

During the third quarter, the Tigers put up 13 more points along with 2 free throws due to technicals received by the Eagles, for 15 Tiger points total for the quarter. The Eagles made 17 of their own during this quarter.

In the last quarter of the game, the Tigers scored 11 points and the Eagles scored 22. The final score of the game was Tigers 41 and Eagles 59. 

The Tigers play again Thursday in the Canton Tournament at 8:00 P.M.