Junior High Plays Sharon-Mutual


On January 18, 2022, the junior high basketball team played against Sharon-Mutual.

To start off the Lady Tigers game, Ryleigh Cheney scored a three followed up by a three-shot by Kamdyn Hulse. The scoring continued for the Lady Tigers while the Trojans did not, and the first quarter ended with 18-0 Lady Tigers ahead. 

To start off the second quarter, Harper Jones scored two points and the Trojans followed that up with two of their own. Hulse scored four more points. The first-half score was 27-8 Lady Tigers ahead.

Coming out of halftime, Cheney scored two and the Trojans scored three. The points continued from both teams, ending the third quarter 37-17 Lady Tigers ahead.

Fourth-quarter starting strong, Hulse scored two. The Trojans then scored three points. The Trojans continued to score. The ending score of the game was 40-24 with a win for the Lady Tigers.

Starting the boys’ game, Jerrod Gieger scored two points and continued to score six more points. The Trojans then scored five points. Josh Postlewait then scored two points ending the first quarter 10-5 with the Tigers ahead.

The Trojans scored the first points in the second quarter. Geiger followed that up with three more points. The Tigers then fouled, and the Trojans then scored one more point ending the first half 13-8 Tigers still ahead.

To start off the second half the Tigers were fouled and gained one point. The Trojans scored two points and continued to score and gained seven points that ended the third quarter 15-14 Trojans ahead.

Colton Smith started the final quarter off by scoring two points Geiger and Postlewait then scored four more points. The Trojans then scored eight points with the score at the end of the quarter 23-21 and a loss for the Tigers.