N95 Masks are now Recommended


The Biden administration is giving health centers and pharmacies free N95 masks to help against the cases caused by covid-19 and the omicron variant. It will be three high-quality masks per person at a time. The masks will be more available than they were earlier in the pandemic. 

The N95 masks are supposed to be more protective than surgical and cloth masks. They are made to protect the person wearing the mask from liquid contamination on their face. 

Some people think they will help more than the cloth and surgical masks.

“I think it will be better because it would probably filter the air more,”  Kassidy Pameticky, junior, said.

Others do not think that they will make much of a difference from the cloth and surgical masks.

“It wouldn’t really make a difference, it will most likely be the same as before,” Mrs. Castillo, teacher, said.