Updated Phone Rules…Again

The phone rules have changed a lot recently and now we have phone holders in every teacher’s room. Students are supposed to put their phones in them as they enter every class and take them when they leave to their next class. If a teacher sees a student’s phone they are supposed to take it. 

“I think the phone rules are a little annoying and that the teachers should be able to have their own rules about phones in their classroom,” Kamdyn Hulse, freshman, said.

Students who are caught on their phones during class will get their phone taken to the office for their first offense. Their second offense will cause them to have their phone taken and they will get lunch detention. Third offense will result in the student’s phone being taken along with getting ISP. Subsequent offenses will result with them having more days of ISP. If the student does not give their device when requested it may result in a three day out of school suspension. If students continue to be on their phones when they are not supposed to they could lose the privilege of bringing devices to school.

Students are able to be on their phones during breakfast, lunch, and after school. If students are on their phones any other time including in the hallways teachers can take the students’ phones.

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What would be the best school phone rule?


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