Simple Techniques to Study for Tests


Karington Hawk

Nadia Luna studies for a test.

Nobody likes studying for a test. Everyone wishes that grabbing a textbook and pouring all of the knowledge into the brain would work. Unfortunately knowledge can not be poured into brains, and we have to actually study for tests. Studying can be hard, but do not worry because simple tips to study exist.

One way to study for a test is to make a time to study. Making a planner or planning a schedule is a great way to make time to study. This can help reduce the levels of stress while studying by giving students enough time to digest the information needed for the test.

Another technique for studying is called chunking. Students can divide text into different subjects and even different topics. Dividing text into smaller sections makes it easier to understand something. Of course I use this to my full advantage because it is my favorite study method.

Studying with other students can also make studying easier. If you have trouble with some topics, someone in a study group can help. Studying in a group helps students get a better understanding of a topic. The only downside is that if you do not have a ride to meet up with the study group, then it is probably not going to happen.

A huge tip for studying is to remove all distractions. My phone is probably my biggest distraction. It just makes me want to pick it up and go on social media, but I can not. Studying with distractions can be difficult, so that is why students should put off any distractions for later.

Taking notes is a major key for studying. Taking notes can help students retain the information they have learned. I absolutely hate writing, but it helps me remember what I have learned. Taking notes also helps students focus and pay more attention in class.

Studying is the least thing I want to do and I am pretty sure everyone can agree with me. Even though it is not the best thing to do, in the end, the studying actually pays off. It can help students approach a test with confidence, even though they might not ace the test.