Getting Ready For Prom

Getting ready for prom looks different for girls and boys who attend. For girls it is a stressful week trying to squeeze in all the things they need to get ready. Girls have to get their nails done, get their hair done, and get their makeup done. 

Looking for the right nail design is harder than it may look. We need to find the design we want, and find a nail tech who can do the design. Sometimes girls want our nails to match our dress, and sometimes we don’t want them to match. No matter how we get our nails done, they won’t be the focus point of the night, our dresses will be. 

Hair is a whole other problem girls face around prom season. Some girls dye their hair before while others just get their hair done that day. Wether it’s an updo or it’s just curled it takes a long time for their hair to be done depending on how thick the hair is, and how much is there. Boys also have to do their hair for prom as well. Some will curl it and some will just comb it. Either way the hair is a make or break for prom for boys and girls. 

Makeup is one of the easier tasks to do the day of prom–not easy, but one of the easiest unless they try to tie their makeup to their dress. The easiest way to have good looking makeup is good prep. Boys if you want glowing skin like the girls, then skin care is a major part. Glowing skin can help make some beautiful pictures with friends, and family. 

Finally the hardest part is getting dressed. Getting dressed is the hardest part especially if there are pets around. If there are pets around, then get ready for pet hair all over. If the pets shed, make sure to get a lint roller to get the hair off. Also be prepared for parents to take pictures before, because it’s as big a moment for parents as it is for kids. Just be patient and breathe while getting ready.

Although this event feels like it lasts a long time, the most stressful part of it is getting ready before hand. The actual event is fun, so while getting ready, remember this is going to be a great time to hang out with friends and make some memories.