History Day Group Interviews two Frontier Women in History


On Monday, April 10th, Brooke Pope, Brooklyn Green, and Harper Jones interviewed Delora Mealor and Becky Simpkins.

 Delora Mealor was an original Rosie the Rivetor. Delora Mealor’s job during World War II was building the tail end of the B-29 Bomber planes.

Becky Simpkins is Mealor’s daughter. She is also a retired Navy nurse. 

They interviewed these women for their history day project about frontier women in history. 

“The most interesting thing I learned from the interviews is that if what the riveters were making was not good enough, their boss had a white glove and took his glove and if they were not perfectly smooth the glove snagged and they would have to redo them.” -Harper Jones, 8th grader, said.

The three girls went during school on Monday to interview these women. Their teachers Mrs. Heath and Mrs. Sanderson took them.