Sometimes I Really Question Priorities

When I saw the new weight room/locker rooms for the first time, I was excited for the new and refreshed gym that would be open to anyone at the school… it’s not like that. The fancy lights that come on at night, did we really have to do that? It’s Canton. The new wore off and now it’s only being used by boys. 

No girl wants to workout with a bunch of stinky, immature boys. The new weight room was not a bad idea, but up to this point no one but boys utilize it. I think that the money that was put into that could have been used for other things that actually need to be done like the parking lot. That thing is absolutely terrible, TERRIBLE. The enter and exit part is the worst.

The money could have been used to update some of the flooring in the hallway. The money could have also been used for new textbooks for the classrooms. Then instead of turning the old weight room into a storage room, it could’ve been given to the cheerleaders to utilize. Instead now it’s not being used for anything but lawnmowers and rats. The money also could have been used for newer lockers. Some of them don’t even have bottoms or the shelf. My mom and dad probably used the same locker I use. Those lockers are at least 20 years old, which means they’re good quality but they could use some help. Just a few updates to the school and it could be good as new. 

I simply can’t wrap my head around the priorities here sometimes.