How to Finish a Book For Book Talks

School already feels overwhelming without the added stress of reading a book for book talks. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to read a book for a book talk, and students may want just to Google a summary or only read some of a book and do that for the book talk, but choosing and reading an actual book might end up being enjoyable. 

Books that are shorter are easy to read and find. Find a shorter book to read instead of a long one because it will obviously take less time to finish. Plenty of good books are less than 200 pages and should not take too long to read. Getting a book that is 90 pages is much less overwhelming to read than a 400-page book. 

Finding a book to enjoy might sound difficult because there are so many different books and picking out something enjoyable seems challenging at first. My biggest suggestion is to just pick books based on your interests. Also if a book has characters that are easily relatable, then I find them more enjoyable.

The last way suggestion for finishing a book talk book is to break down the amount to read. If I start two weeks before the book talk, I only need to read about ten pages a day, and I can still have it done before the book talks. There are my suggestions. Now pick out a book because book talks will come sooner than we know.