How to Stop Procrastinating


Procrastination is something a lot of people do. I procrastinate all of the time when I do not want to get anything done. The main reason why people procrastinate is because they think that things will be easy like a walk in the park, but they never are. There are ways to beat procrastinating though. 

The first thing to do is to admit to procrastination. This can be done by pointing out distractions and even catching yourself getting distracted. When I procrastinate, I am in denial and do not believe I am procrastinating, which usually ends up with me getting nothing done.

Adjusting to the environment is a major factor to help stop procrastinating. If there is anything around that might be a distraction like a phone, try to put it away. If a TV is blaring, turn it down. Even some music can help with distractions, as long as the music does not become one of them.

Having a plan is also another way to stop procrastinating. Planning where you are going to study or even creating a quiet place to study is like taking a big step to eliminate the habit of procrastinating. Eventually the brain will notice that the place is for studying and not for goofing around.

Setting goals is probably one of the best ways to help procrastination. To some people a task can seem too big or too hard to complete. That is when splitting an assignment into smaller sections comes in handy. This helps eliminate the chance of procrastination and it also makes a topic easier to understand. 

It is totally okay to push things aside every now and then, but just try not to do this too much. The more time wasted on procrastination, the fewer things will get done.  It is better to start now instead of doing it later. 

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