Managing Money and Moving To Adulthood

I love having the luxury of having my own money and spending without feeling bad for people spending money on me, but I still worry about how much I spend at a time. At my job, I get paid every two weeks, and it depends on how many hours I work. I don’t mind going to work because it’s not that hard to do, but that’s my opinion about my job. In reality, I’m doing everything to get money into my bank account.

I don’t really know how to manage my money, but I don’t spend money every given chance I get. I only spend money when it’s necessary and try to limit how much I use my debit card. I also try to have some physical cash with me because I never know whenever it’s needed. Another thing I recommend is getting a banking app to track how much money is being spent and to see how much money that you have in your account. 

I feel like an adult because I am finally getting money and doing whatever I want with my money. I plan on saving more money to pay for my own cellular plan, get a car, and get my cat fixed, because I think in order to become an adult it is important to pay for something monthly or get things taken care of. Lately, I’ve been helping to pay for gas, buying my siblings things, and buying myself snacks, but it’s fine because I get paid soon.