Big Bad Bundles

The Canton FFA went to the Oklahoma State Fair to enter grass bundles, hay bales, and seeds into competition.

The grass bundles are single pieces of grass laid where the tops are even then is tied as tightly as exhibitors can get them. Most of the grasses for the bundles were picked from the roadside, pastures or anywhere FFA members could find good grasses. One bundle could take up to a couple weeks to completely finish. When members go to the fair, the judge places the grasses from first through tenth. Judges look for things such as color, size, and tightness of bundles.

The members from the Canton FFA placed second in the overall points, placing behind Mangum where Canton ag teacher, Mr. Mitchell, previously taught. Seth Bromlow placed first with his alfalfa bundle. Claysen Scott placed first with his big bluestem bundle and second with his Indian grass bundle. Jake Sinclair placed second with his purple top bundle. Josh Edwards placed third with his foxtail millet bundle.Taylor Dowell placed fourth with her little bluestem bundle.