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  • September 14Canton wins first home game since 2015.

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Hayleigh Noble, Reporter

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Hopelin Hood’s postcard collection started with her sister Hannah Hood making it to Washington D.C. in history day. Also, her mom collected them when she was little, and she thought it would be a good hobby for her. “I was eight or nine at the time when I started my collection and thought that it would be cool to collect them to show off to my friends to show them where I have been,” Hopelin Hood, eighth-grader, said.

“Not really any of them were difficult to get. They were right in front of my eyeballs, so I asked my mom if I could get it,” Hopelin said. Hopelin’s favorite one is the Pennsylvania one. She keeps her collection in a post-book. Hood has quite a few and started her collection when her sister went to history day.

She recommends that everyone has collections because it is a good hobby to get started on. She collects postcards because they are pretty cool to get. “My postcards mean the whole wide world…..just kidding. They really mean memories of where I have been. None of the postcards that Hopelin has cost very much. “ Well I mean yeah I will collect my postcards forever if I actually go somewhere. I have not been anywhere for a while,” Hopelin said.  

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Hayleigh Noble, Reporter
Hayleigh Noble is a sophomore on the 2018-2019 newspaper staff. The most exciting part for her is getting to help out and being in the class. One thing that Noble is interested in is taking pictures, and one thing she hopes to gain is to be a better  writer and photographer. How she plans to...
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