Load ’em Up


Caden Koehn

The Hysells collect all of the animals in the evacuation of their home.

Caden Koehn, Reporter

It was 5:13 on Friday the 13th when we found ourselves rushing home to evacuate because of a huge wildfire that was threatening our house and animals. The road on the way to my house was smokey and an orange color, and it fit sure the theme for Friday the 13th.

As soon as I got home, I grabbed a dog cage and loaded my turkey into it.

— Caden Koehn

On the way to my house, I was worried about losing everything. The one thing that I was worried about the most was my animals. My dad told me to get my turkey, Leon, and ferrets,  Garret and Skittles, and that he would get the dogs.

As soon as I got home, I grabbed a dog cage and loaded my turkey into it. Then, for my next move, I found a box and put Garret and Skittles and their blankets in it. As soon as my mom got home, we put Leon in the back of the car, the box with Garret and Skittles in the back seat, and put Molly, the dog, in my lap. In my dad’s truck, we put two dogs, Marley and Hundley, and a cage filled with rabbits in the back seat. At this point, we realized that we really did resemble Noah, and we were wishing for his water.

At this point, logic dictated that the two cockatiels had wings, and they might have to use them.

My brother also wanted to put his dirt bike in the back of the truck. While we managed to get everything  loaded in about five minutes, we also realized everything could have been gone in five seconds.