Dead Island


Alexis Beckner, Reporter

Dead Island is a first person shooter game that takes place on an island called Banoi. The game has five playable characters that players can choose from with their own backstory. The game also has

multiple main and side quests to play on. Dead Island is a one player game, but can be played with friends online.

The characters are Sam B, Xian Mei, Logan Carter, Purna and Ryder White. The player choses a character and gets a little backstory on them before the game loads up. The character wakes up from a night of drinking to a trashed hotel. The player then leads the character through the hotel to be attacked by flesh-eating humans.

The player then follows along the main quest, killing zombies and collecting loot. Multiple side quests pop up, and many players drift away from the main quest to the side quests to get more money and experience points to help level up.

The game also gets irritating at times. The zombies will get the character on the ground and still be attacking while the character’s health depletes and is slowly getting up. Some zombies seem overpowered, and difficult to fight.

Dead Island has a good graphics and amazing zombie types to keep the player interested and playing until the next quest pops up. Rated four and a half stars out of five. Dead Island stays interesting and fun, even through the hard parts.