Freshmen Practice News Reporting With Fairy Tale News

Erica Moldrup and Braxton Thompson

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The freshmen news staff learned basic news reporting skills by writing fairy tale news.

The two winning articles were written by Erica Moldrup and Braxton Thompson.

The Wolf Gets Huffed into Custody

Erica Moldrup

On October 23, Harry Hamlet, Kevin Bacon, and Pinky Pork, called the police after their three homes in YorkTown were attacked by Boris Bell.

“We have been looking for Boris Bell for a while. Bell is commonly known as the Big Bad Wolf, he has broken into several other houses, and attacked many other citizens of YorkTown,”

Henry Dunn, officer on the scene, said.

“I am very glad that this criminal has been caught,” said Bacon.

Bell was taken into police custody and has three attempted assault charges and four other charges for breaking an entering.

Bell’s bail was set at 3 million gold coins and court date is October 31.

Abused Cookie Runs Away from Home

Braxton Thompson

Last Monday, near the pond, police found a cookie hiding while a deranged couple searched  for him. Witnesses say they saw the cookie running and two people following it throughout the morning.  

“It was really scary. For weeks now, they(Plumpy and Bumpy) would pick my crumbs up and eat them, and other weird stuff like that. But luckily I escaped before they chased me down and ate me,” Bloopy, the abused cookie, said.

Plumpy and Bumpy face charges for child abuse and possible attempted homicide. Their first court date is set for October 26. The two will be held without bail.

“If it wasn’t for you police and that cookie, we would have gotten away with it,” Plumpy and Bumpy, Bloopy’s abusive parents, said.