Top Five Things to do During December.


Alexis Beckner, Reporter

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December is the month for family and friends, making it one of the busiest months of the year. Decorating, baking, and visiting family make this month worthwhile. Here are five things to get the Christmas spirit flowing.

1. Watch movies.

The weather gets cold around December, making it the perfect time to be lazy and binge watch movies. The best types of movies to watch in December is horror, cartoon, action, and comedy movies.  

2. Bake desserts.

The warm smells that drift around the house from freshly baked goods are some of the greatest memory makers. Always remember to follow the recipe and be very careful while cooking.

3. Use a countdown calendar.

Most people have seen a countdown calendar somewhere, either in a store or in someone’s house. A countdown calendar is a cheap way to keep track of the days left until the special date.

4. Decorate the Christmas tree.

Putting up shiny orbs, candies, and old handmade ornaments on a tree is a weird thing to do for the Christmas holiday, but it’s fun. Decorating the tree is something easy to do with family, unless there is no tree.

5. Make a paper chain.

Most of everyone has made a paper chain sometime in their life, making it an easy and fun craft. Pieces of paper decorated and hung from the ceiling are cheap. The items needed are pencils, scissors, glue, and paper.